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Elevator Maintenance

West Coast Elevator currently services over 1000 Elevators located throughout the Vancouver, Lower Mainland Areas, and the Victoria, Vancouver Island Areas.

We will utilize experienced, competent and skilled certified Elevator Mechanics that will use all reasonable care to maintain your elevator equipment in proper operating condition. We will perform regular scheduled maintenance functions during which we will inspect, clean, adjust, lubricate and replace components as required, in order to provide safe and proper operation of the Elevator System.

A service log book for recording activities and monthly maintenance visits will be located in the Elevator machine room.

Being privately owned and locally operated, West Coast Elevator takes pride in our ability to provide exceptional Customer Service. When calling our office you will be greeted by a real person. West Coast Elevator does not utilize an automated telephone system or possess an answering machine.

For calls conducted outside of regular office hours, our phones switch over to a local answering service which once again is greeted by a real person. The answering service is located in Vancouver which keeps in close contact with our “on-call” Technician for prompt service. All of our Technicians possess cellular telephones and emergency pager systems, making it easy to contact them.

We always have Technicians in close proximity that will respond to all trouble calls promptly to rectify any problems which may arise. Emergency 24 Hour Service is offered with a Technician always available to assist with any requirements.


Vancouver Mainland


Vancouver Island